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About Us

EDI Archery (Educational Development Initiative) is a tax-exempt non-profit reaching people for Christ. EDI introduces Centershot Ministries Archery program to local churches to promote church growth, spiritual leadership, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We Are A Volunteer Team

Today’s children are raised in a world that tries to eliminate risk, but children love adventure; they want to take risks and do things they have never done before. Centershot captures that sense of adventure by developing a child’s skills in archery while developing their relationship with Jesus Christ at the same time. Strengthen relationships in family as you mentor young lives using archery as a tool to reach your community with God’s love!

Centershot Ministries (CsM) is a non-denominational outreach program that shares the Gospel of Jesus using the life-skill of archery. CsM does this by partnering and equipping the local church to use this amazing tool to reach the community around it. A core value of CsM is the belief that the best way to reach communities for Jesus is through the local church, and that is why CsM partners with the local church.

It doesn’t matter what type of church you are; big or small, city or country, traditional or contemporary, churches all over the world are using CsM as a tool to grow God’s Kingdom with amazing success. You may be wondering why using archery as an outreach tool could be a success. It’s simple archery levels the playing field. Everyone can shoot archery, from young to old, whole families are coming together to enjoy a skill they can do together.

EDI partners with Centershot Ministries to help you get started with an outreach. Start by going to Centershot.org, as you make your way through the Centershot.org website look for the getting started in Three Easy Steps. Write down your questions and contact us for any additional questions or help you need. We will take the time to answer them all. Can you imagine how many families we can help “MAKE CHRIST THE TARGET OF THEIR LIVES.”

Our Mission

To provide the local church with a tool that will HELP evangelize, disciple, mentor and grow its church family.

Our Vision

To inspire, serve and partner with, the local church to grow God’s Kingdom in the local community. Our Values Glorify God, Serve local churches, Kingdom minded, Families

Our purpose

To advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Serving Opportunities


EDI introduces Centershot Archery program to local churches to promote church growth, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.


If you would like to learn archery as a life skill and help others learn archery and the gospel as an outreach.


Fun shoots introduce traditional and/or Hoverball archery and combines a presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ


You can be certified to teach archery and learn to start archery programs at your church.


Instruction and practice available at Sycamore range. Available equipment and training tips provided. Free introduction to traditional Archery.


Available speakers to present outdoor archery focus messages about Jesus Christ. Demonstrate the Life Bow presentation.

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